30 octubre 2012

A Crash Course on Creativity: Paying Attention (380)

Before you continue reading this post, see the following video: Paying Attention.
The video you just saw is for the challenge ahead in Exercise 2 of A Crash Course Creativity. It consists in:
  • Go to at least 6 different stores. They can be at the same shopping center or different locations. Spend at least 15 minutes in each store using the lab OBSERVATIONS making guide for reference. Take photos to capture your observations.
  • Create a presentation That captures your Insights and HIDDEN OPPORTUNITIES
Here we go:
Saturday 28, October. 7:00 PM. Zaragoza (Spain). Cesar Augusta Mall
I was there with my family. While they were shopping, I practice the observation. 4 stores differents in 60 minutes approximately. My eyes, my camera photo and my Observation Labs.
Paying Attention 1.
Image 1. Observation Lab. See more here
After taking notes, I entered each of the shops and took photos; celing, floor, sign lettering, etc.
Image 2. Brightly & Close Door & Color Scheme
Image 3. Floor
Image 4. Celing & products arranged by sizeDeic_floor
Image 5. Environmet & Merchandise & Central display table-
Image 6. Products at eye label & least accesible location--Etiqueta
Image 7. Price of product easy to find
While recording with the camera, a security person asked me what I was doing -In the video you can see it-. After my explanations asked me out of the mall, so I had to keep working on the street. It was strange.
Question #1. What types of things had you missed before?
- The door. Is important to be open or closed. Open means confidence
- The celing. Is like the heaven. Is important for the atmosphere of the store.
- The smell lika an experience. When you smell a fragrance, you relate a product.
- How costumers appear. To be on a mission or browsing.
- The circuit. The costumers tend to walk in the same path or direction.
Question #2. What were your biggest surprises?
- The low percent of customers purchase products in the store.
- The behaviour of sales person is different. Increasingly the customers do more things: bring products, taste, get. Todo menos "cobrar" el producto.
- All is based in a local. But what happen with internet?
- I don´t see: "Internet ticket collection", like a cinema.
- Change the ilumination, the wall colors, the ceiling along the day, along the spring, in winter, autum, etc. I would say: intelligent walls , smart ceiling.
- Quick cash register. Te own customer register its own products like a supermarket.
- An space for internets orders.
- Mix of services. For example: Shoes store with makeup store.
- Internet: e-commerce.
That's all.
Buena Cortesía

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