18 octubre 2008

Week 3. Used to

1.- Early memories
So did I
Neither did I
I didn´t
I did
A: I used to hate green vegetables when I was small
B: So did I- but my mother used to make me eat them
or: I did not- I used to eat vegetables every day.

A: I never used to buy presents for my friends
B: Neither did I- because my parents never used to give me pocket money.
or: I did- but I never used to buy a very big present

I used to suck my thumb when I was very small.
I did not- I used to have a dummy
I never used to wear glasses when I was child.
I did-I used to wear glasses since I was 14 years old
I never used to go to the cinema with my parents when I was younger.
Neither did I- My parents did not like go to the cinema.
I used to do my homework when I was at School.
So do I- I did my homework every day.

I am used to: things that you normaly do
I get used to: thing that you must do
I am used to getting up early
In my new job, I must get used to getting up early

2.- Vocabulary
dummy: chupete
Suck my thumb: Chuparse el dedo
socks: calcetines
to scrtach: rascar
to itch: picar
to warm up: calentar
tins: latas
hide and seek: escondecucas
eve: vípsera
have a nap: hechar la siesta
to punnish: castigar
to dress up: disfrazarse

Now, there are some words front a differents text that I read this week. Let´s see it.
whatever: sea lo que sea
nevertheless: no obstante
to dive: bucear
boiler: caldera
fork: horquilla
pitfall: trampa
to avoid: evitar
forthcoming: próximo
to engage: participar
to strive: esforzar
gathering: reunión
warmly: calurosamente
highlights: poner de relieve
deals: ofertas
rate: tasa
overcome: superar
speed up: acelerar
besides: ademas de
tough: resistente
lump sums: cantidades a tanto alzado
spreading of: difusion

Good Courtesy

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