27 octubre 2008

Week 4. City or Country?. Zaragoza, of course

Do you live in the city or the country?
I live in the city
Where would you rather live? In the city or the country?
Sincerely, I prefer live in the city.
Do you live in a house, a townhouse, or an apartment?
I prefer live in apartment or a flat
How do you get around?
Normally by a car
How is the traffic where you live?
Good. I have not problems with traffic jam
How is the public transportation?
Very bad. I think it will be better. Frecuences, doing better routes, etc
Are there many parks near your house?
Yes. There are "Parque Pignatelli" and "Parque Grande"
Can you recommend an intereseting place to visit near your house?
Of course. I recommend to visit the "Parque Grande". It´s beatifull. Specially at this time, in autum.
Are there any factories or industrial areas where you live?
Is there a lot of pollution?
No, we don´t have speciall problems about this, because in Zaragoza exists a powerfull wind, called "cierzo". I remind you that Zaragoza have a lot windfarms.
What museums, galleries, or theatres are close to your house?
No clear my house, but Zaragoza has a several museums, theatres and auditoriums like Museo Provincial, La Lonja, Museo Pablo Serrano, Teatro Principal, without forget the buildings of Expo 2008, like a Torre del Agua or Pabellón Puente.
How often do you go to a museum, gallery or theater?
I conffes it. No that all I want.
What do you usually do when you meet your friends?
I have not some friends. It´s a joke. Normally when we meet, make a delicious dinner, as you can see, here.
What is the population of the city or town that you live in?
Near of 700.000
Do you think is overcrowded?
No I don´t. Zaragoza is a medium size city.
If you want to learn more about Zaragoza, please click here.
That´s all falks.
Good Courtesy

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